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The Problem as We See It

Below is a section from the National Wildlife Federation that addresses the issue of the Northern Forest from their perspective. They refer to the Northern Forest Alliance as working for a common goal.  We can thus assume that the Alliance shares the same views.

Our problem with them is that they see private ownership as the primary threat. This perception is at the heart of the problems we bring up, all else is a matter of detail.  This is our central objection when discussing ALL of the issues related to the Northern Forest Alliance's agenda.  While we can agree that there is a need to preserve our cultural heritage and natural environment and promote a sustainable economy, we see private property and the free market as the solution and bureaucratic, government directed social engineering as the problem.  We will not let them frame this as a conflict between visionary idealists who simply want to achieve the aforementioned goals and reactionaries who are opposed to any progress.  Instead, we intend to challenge them on their means and the implied assumption that trampling on the constitutional right to own property is a valid way of achieving such goals.  The only goal that such means are likely to achieve is to concentrate political power in the hands of a small political clique.


What threatens the Northern Forest? 

More than 84 percent of the Northern Forest is privately owned, meaning the majority of the decisions that affect the region are made by individuals and corporations. Increased pressure from development threatens the Northern Forest. While much of the region has been and continues to be used for growing timber, the high demand for development encourages private owners to subdivide and develop their land. The continued clear-cutting of land has fragmented the forest, making it difficult for migratory songbirds to survive in the region. 

NWF promotes forest certification, encourages the use of SmartWood products, and works with many conservation, recreation and forestry organizations as part of the Northern Forest Alliance which works to increase funding for Northern Forest conservation.

Northern Forest Preservation Maps

The following maps are for specific regions in Vermont that are being targeted, as seen until recently on:

Northern Forest Map (Northern New England)

Northern Green Mountains

Nulhegan and Victory Basins

Connecticut River Headwaters

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